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OH SNAP! That Crazy Puerto Rican is at it again….!

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Im on my way now! FIGHT ON!

Posted by arielramon on August 19, 2008



So yesterday I wrote about the business I wanted to start within the next few months. So far things are going pretty well. I did a little research about other websites like the one im going to be making and according to the stats these sites make well over 100k a year in profit. Thats crazy, I never knew MMA was THAT BIG! So of course that made me pretty happy to see that. I still think i will have a better site though because it will focus on some of the local fighters as well as some stuff for more known fighters. The young guys need exposure too. As I was looking through townhouse listings in FL I received an email from MMAWarehouse.com. I wrote them the other day asking about maybe doing an affiliate program type thing with them. So the email was the guy from that site saying once my site was up and everything to give him a shout! THAT IS GREAT!!!!! They are a pretty large company for MMA gear so if I can attach my self to their stock and name im good to go. Of Course, i will be doing other things besides selling equipment and clothes for money. you have to do advertising stuff for other stores and such. Needless to say I was really encouraged by that email. Oh by the way I wanna thank my boy universitymindlab for leaving that comment on my last post. Id like to follow up with you on what you said. I wanna hear your story dude! I look forward to hearing from ya’ll.


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