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OH SNAP! That Crazy Puerto Rican is at it again….!

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Posted by arielramon on August 25, 2008

Hey whats up everyone!? Sorry about not posting anything these past three days or so. i was up in albany, NY visiting my parents. I had a great time up there because well they are my family and also we celebrated my Bday! my Bday is august 1st but i had to work that whole weekend so we made up for it this past weekend. I got a ton of clothes and of course ” ROCKBAND!” yeah i know im like 23 yrs old but hey rock band is great. i had my whole family playing it lol. My DAD sang, i played the guitar and my sister played the drums. i didnt have a second guitar so my mom couldnt play along. I think she got tired of it after hearing the same song over and over again as we tried to get it down. After playing that for a while they took me to a latin festival and i got to see lots of neat crafts from my culture and eat food from there and i also bought some cool stuff too. So, now im back in my hotel in VA and im bored lol my dogs are still at the sitter so i have a few hours to my self before they come in. I will get back on track with this blog so dont leave me hangin ok. MY time up here in VA is almost up so i’ll be going back to MS here soon. I’ll write more as the week goes on! Have a Great week!


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