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OH SNAP! That Crazy Puerto Rican is at it again….!

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Movin on up! to the west side!

Posted by arielramon on September 3, 2008

hey everyone just so ya’ll know i will be moving to panama city, Fl in the next few weeks. I am going to be looking for work when i get there so if anyone has anykind of job openings let me know. lol. But in all truth im scared and excited about moving. i am scared because well this will be the first time ive moved by my self. ive been in biloxi,MS for 5 years. So moving to a whole new area is kinda scary. Plus im gonna be paying more for rent. im used to paying 480 a month but its for a crappy Apartment. i’ll be moving into a decent town house for 750 a month and the cool thing is that it actually has a fenced in yard so my puppies can play out side without getting into any trouble. anyways, i gotta go to work so i will talk to you all later. have a great night!


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