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What makes people do others dirty?

Posted by arielramon on January 30, 2010

So, why do people think it is ok to do others wrong? I for one believe that God has a way of dishing out dirt to those of us that do like to do things like cheat on a spouse or steal money or whatever. It may not be right away but somewhere down the line it will happen. I’ll give you an example, I was dating a girl for a couple years and she cheated on  me. I was upset of course but guess what happened….she got pregnant and married a guy based off of that reason. Is she happy? maybe? but she was only 21 when it happened. That means her whole life no revolves around that kid.  Yes, kids are a gift from God but Im sure she was hoping to be a little older to have kids. Now, I get phone calls from her telling me how she cant bond with her husband like she did with me. I think that people that cheat are weak and pathetic! Have you ever been cheated on before? How did you handle it? Or are you the cheater? tell us why you cheated and see if you can truely justify it.


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Geaux Saints!

Posted by arielramon on January 25, 2010

Ok ok so I know that the whole country is talking about the Saints now that they are going to the superbowl. Why shouldn’t they right? they earned it! I just never understood why people only cheer when a team is winning? I love the Giants so I was sad when they didn’t make it to the playoffs. I did live in MS for a few years so I was at least living in that area haha. Anyways, I just wanted to say congrats to the Saints!

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Back at it, can’t stop, won’t stop!

Posted by arielramon on January 24, 2010

Hey whats going on my friends? So much has happened since August of 2008! I cant believe I have gone so long with out writing on here. Mostly because I really did not know what to say about anything especially anything worth writing. I wish I could tell you everything that has gone on in my life over the last few years and months but that would take a long time. I will try to give you the low down on whats happening and I will promise to continue to write articles about whatever comes to mind. I promise I will try to stay on a theme for at least a week and not jump back and forth on random things like UFC one day and who is gonna be president the next day….well…unless thats what you wanna read about. My whole purpose is to entertain everyone. So, here we go on my long story shortened to about one hundred and fifty words….give or take. Well, I am living in the state of Oregon in a little Air Force town called Klamath Falls. This has to be one of the most boring places to live. I applied for a job up here when I was living in Panama City, Fl. I was dating a nice young lady down there when I decided to move. Unfortunatly I am no longer with her mostly because of the distance thing….oh well right?  I am now a single guy just trying to get by on my own two feet. So much of the last few months have been nothing really worth talking about now. I was in deep with a lot of drama that has now just gone away. I hope that you all will continue to bless me with your comments and feedback. Who knows maybe one day I can be a contributor to a huge website and make tons of money haha yeah right. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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