Ramons Thoughts

OH SNAP! That Crazy Puerto Rican is at it again….!

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Born in August of 1985 and raised by two loving parents Ariel Echevarria never really knew what the real world was like until 18 years later he was out on his own. On Ariel’s 18th birthday he joined the Air Force and set out on his dreams. Now 23 years old and having experiences ranging from troubled relationships and financial problems to war and life after war he now embarks on a journey to inform and entertain the masses.
With our country slowly self destructing, Ariel feels he can do a part in rebuilding this nations young people which are the foundation of this country in years to come. With a mixture of pop culture, current events, and artistic material he plans on helping people understand their purpose and role in this nations future even if it is through music,poetry, debating or what ever skill you might have. Let your voice be heard!


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