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OH SNAP! That Crazy Puerto Rican is at it again….!

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UFC 88: Rashad Sugar Evans Beats Chuck Liddell

Posted by arielramon on September 7, 2008

What an upset! I cant believe that “sugar” Rashad actually beat Chuck! This was such a quick fight, barely making it into the second round. Sugar ended the fight with a hard right that sent Chuck flat on his back. I did not expect a knock out from Rashad. I know already that there will be a second fight between these two within the next 6 months or so. Chuck Suffered a ham string injury prior to the fight and im sure that it had a part in his loss tonight. I almost missed this fight because i dont get pay per view unless i buy it online which is a huge risk since im in a hotel and connection speed is sometimes sub par. It started out choppy but got better right when the knock out punch was thrown. Im looking forward to UFC 91 and Elite XC’s fight between Kimbo and  shamrock. IF you havent heard Randy The NAtural Couture and brock lesner are to fight in UFC 91. I hope i dont have to work that night. Anyways, im out of here so have a good night everyone


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Movin on up! to the west side!

Posted by arielramon on September 3, 2008

hey everyone just so ya’ll know i will be moving to panama city, Fl in the next few weeks. I am going to be looking for work when i get there so if anyone has anykind of job openings let me know. lol. But in all truth im scared and excited about moving. i am scared because well this will be the first time ive moved by my self. ive been in biloxi,MS for 5 years. So moving to a whole new area is kinda scary. Plus im gonna be paying more for rent. im used to paying 480 a month but its for a crappy Apartment. i’ll be moving into a decent town house for 750 a month and the cool thing is that it actually has a fenced in yard so my puppies can play out side without getting into any trouble. anyways, i gotta go to work so i will talk to you all later. have a great night!

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Going Home soon/ Combat Freak Store

Posted by arielramon on September 3, 2008

Wow it is almost time for me to go back home to Biloxi, MS. I have been up here in Alexandria, VA for about 8 months now. Its hard to believe that time has gone by so fast. I don’t want to go home. Even though i don’t want to leave Alexandria i know that it is my time to leave. As you all know i started a website called CombatFreak.com. it is a MMA focused website which i hope will grow over the years. as of now I’ve only had like 100 visitors in the month that its been up. When i get home i plan to get to work on promoting the site and my business. I’m going to talk to the SBA when i get home to look into getting a loan so i can get a better, more professional logo made along with other stuff and i would like enough money to open a store. I was looking around the mall yesterday and noticed that not many stores sold MMA clothing and stuff like that. i think i could have a niche if i opened one up. I could sell MMA gear and clothing for men,women,kids, and even though it sounds crazy i thought about selling cute MMA shirts for dogs……i figure someone would buy that for their pit-bull or Chihuahua. So i hope that you all check out my site and give me some feedback. Also feel free to click on the REVGEAR banner to the right. you can get some really great deals from the site. i think they are giving out a free shirt for every 25 dollar purchase. Anyways, i would like to also say that if your an MMA fan and have some spare change hanging around i would really appreciate it if you could donate for the cause. The more donations i get the better deals you will get from my store because i wont have to get as big of a loan out. That way i could afford to lower the price on things. I mean what would y’all think about SPRAWL fight shorts for like 20 or 30 bucks?

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Chuck Liddell in his own words

Posted by arielramon on August 31, 2008

Yesterday i was walking around Barnes and Noble to find a book on SEO and i decided to go to the MMA section to check out what kind of books they had. Of course, they had your “Bruce Lee” stories and “how-to” books. I came across three books that i was interested in. They were all autobiographies on Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, and Randy Couture. My instinct was to grab the Chuck Liddell book because he is a mystery to me. All, i ever saw from him was a cold stare and a quick match usually ending up with him knocking some guy out. So i was interested in reading about this guys life and how he grew up. I sat in a chair for like 4 hours and read most of his book. So far it is really good and has a lot of life lessons in it. I wont ruin it for you all who have not read it but i encourage you to read his book. I’ll be getting those other two books on Tito and Randy later on in the future. Also, just one qucik side note. i hope that everyone on the gulf coast is sitting some place safe reading my blog. im from Biloxi, MS so i know what hurricanes can do. i mean look at what happened with Katrina. this storm looks alot like it. Please evacuate even if there never is a mandatory evacuation.

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Posted by arielramon on August 29, 2008

Ok for those that dont keep up MMA news apparantly Kimbo Slice will be fighting Ken Shamrock on October 4th. I cant believe that this is happening! what do they think is going to happen between these two fighters. you have Kimbo that is a brawler with some ju jitsu and a MMA Legend that has been out of his prime since he left Pride and went into the pro wrestling arena. I see this fight going to Kimbo in the second round with an ugly knock out. Kimbo is much more powerful than ken and a lot younger at that. So yeah i guess i know where i will be on october 4th. Watching that fight to see if my second round knock out prediction comes true or not. lol. By the way just an update for my site. i got a window vinyl to put on my rearview window. i hope this will help with my advertising. If anyone is good at SEO hit me up and give me some pointers ok.

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Posted by arielramon on August 28, 2008

Hey everyone! i just wanted to drop in and say that my site is now available to view. i am still working on some aspects of the site but it is officially open now and ready to see.as time goes on i will update the site and add on cool stuff so keep an eye out. the link is

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Posted by arielramon on August 25, 2008

Hey whats up everyone!? Sorry about not posting anything these past three days or so. i was up in albany, NY visiting my parents. I had a great time up there because well they are my family and also we celebrated my Bday! my Bday is august 1st but i had to work that whole weekend so we made up for it this past weekend. I got a ton of clothes and of course ” ROCKBAND!” yeah i know im like 23 yrs old but hey rock band is great. i had my whole family playing it lol. My DAD sang, i played the guitar and my sister played the drums. i didnt have a second guitar so my mom couldnt play along. I think she got tired of it after hearing the same song over and over again as we tried to get it down. After playing that for a while they took me to a latin festival and i got to see lots of neat crafts from my culture and eat food from there and i also bought some cool stuff too. So, now im back in my hotel in VA and im bored lol my dogs are still at the sitter so i have a few hours to my self before they come in. I will get back on track with this blog so dont leave me hangin ok. MY time up here in VA is almost up so i’ll be going back to MS here soon. I’ll write more as the week goes on! Have a Great week!

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The REAL World….. McCain and Obama

Posted by arielramon on August 21, 2008

So last night i was at work and watching CNN. I dont know how many of you all saw it but they had a two hour special or so on the life stories of McCain and Obama. Of course, McCains story had a whole lot of drama, even more so than Obama. They Explained why he cant lift his arms up past his shoulders and talked about some of the scandles he got himself into. I never knew that he had cheated on his wife numerous times. I guess i couldnt really blame him considering what his old wife used to look like. Also, this younger chick he is with was a baller! For those older people out there a baller is a high roller type of person lol. anyways, not to slow the bus down or anything but i had to make sure people know what i mean when i throw out young people talk. so anyways here is this Navy POW and he was a rebel. Then after that Obamas story came out and it was funny because while he was still in high school and college McCain was already well into his political career. The People at CNN reported that there was like a 25 yr age gap between the two guys. Talk about a difference in views. Barrack is even younger than my parents! After watching the two Bios i sat back and said to myself…” Wow, we have a old, cheating, ex POW ( which i think though he is a patriot him being a POW shouldnt be the only reason why someone votes for him) and we have a young cat with barely any kind of foreign policy or experience with military affairs. In my VERY humble Opinion i think we are in for another 4 years of uncertainty and instability.

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Posted by arielramon on August 21, 2008

So im still trying to get my business off the ground. I have my ideas and plans set up now it is a matter of having money to start this thing off. I want to use as little credit as possible because the worst way to start out a business is starting off with large debts. i want to see how much i can save by doing small fund raisers and asking for donations and maybe look for a sponsor or two. I have been away from what fundraising is all about for years now so im a little out of touch with the new ones. last i remember was selling candy bars and discount cards.If anyone knows of a good way to raise money with little expense on my part let me know!

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That First Step…

Posted by arielramon on August 19, 2008

How many of you have started a small business on your own? Better yet how many have tried to while being in between jobs and made your business a success? Im stuck making that initial plunge into making a business for my self. I am scared that i wont do well and will lose all my investment. I suppose thats the risk I have to take to make my dreams a reality. This is one of the biggest decisions i have ever made because i could alter what i do over the next 5 years or more. So in this blog i am not going to write much because i want to hear from my readers. I want to hear everyones thoughts on what i am trying to do and i especially want to hear from those people that were in my situation and have made it. Help me get the courage to take that leap of faith.

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