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Movin on up! to the west side!

Posted by arielramon on September 3, 2008

hey everyone just so ya’ll know i will be moving to panama city, Fl in the next few weeks. I am going to be looking for work when i get there so if anyone has anykind of job openings let me know. lol. But in all truth im scared and excited about moving. i am scared because well this will be the first time ive moved by my self. ive been in biloxi,MS for 5 years. So moving to a whole new area is kinda scary. Plus im gonna be paying more for rent. im used to paying 480 a month but its for a crappy Apartment. i’ll be moving into a decent town house for 750 a month and the cool thing is that it actually has a fenced in yard so my puppies can play out side without getting into any trouble. anyways, i gotta go to work so i will talk to you all later. have a great night!


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Posted by arielramon on August 21, 2008

So im still trying to get my business off the ground. I have my ideas and plans set up now it is a matter of having money to start this thing off. I want to use as little credit as possible because the worst way to start out a business is starting off with large debts. i want to see how much i can save by doing small fund raisers and asking for donations and maybe look for a sponsor or two. I have been away from what fundraising is all about for years now so im a little out of touch with the new ones. last i remember was selling candy bars and discount cards.If anyone knows of a good way to raise money with little expense on my part let me know!

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Posted by arielramon on August 18, 2008

Hey everyone! I noticed not a lot of people seemed to interested in my roller coaster review. Oh well, thats life right sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Anyways, on to new things! I was sitting at work last night and I was thinking of how much i hate being at work. Id rather own my own business and work for my self. I want to use my skills and passions to make money for me and my family. I think it is every Americans dream to become wealthy enough to not have to live pay check to pay check. So, while being bored on my 12 hour night shift I thought up a business plan that i am going to pursue in a matter of months. i just registered a new site called MMAfreak.net it will be really cool once it is up and running. If you try to access it you’ll get a under construction type page so dont bother as of right now. I will post on here the grand opening of the site. With out getting to much into detail the site will contain a blog about MMA, a small merchandise store and some other little goodies that will be known once the page is released. I think over the next few posts i will bring you all along on my journey to creating my own business. It will be an adventure but something that i think you all will want to see. Will i succed at my dream or fail? who knows? So, i ask that you continue to tune in and see my progress. Have a blessed day everyone!

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Hello world!

Posted by arielramon on August 14, 2008

Today is the beginning of a new adventure! i am stepping out into the world of blogging with hopes of informing and entertaining the American people and people all over the world. I’m coming to you from the view of a normal everyday guy. I don’t have a PhD and i don’t own a multimillion dollar company. i am just a plain and simple guy that feels that my generation has something to offer this world even though many believe we do not. I will try to cover as many different subjects as i can and respond to comments as i am able.  Keep an eye out for new things from this blog as it will most certainly a work in progress. i look forward to creating a place for people of all types to come and share thoughts and ideas with one another.

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