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What Is the best Roller Coaster at Kings Dominion?

Posted by arielramon on August 17, 2008

My fiance and i at Kings Dominion

My fiance and i at Kings Dominion

Well, this is a very hard question to answer because each coaster has its own appeal. I went to Paramount’s kings Dominion a week ago with my fiance and we rode on almost every roller coaster there, with the exception of “The Grizzly”. We had a blast there and i’ll post some pictures when i get the chance. In my opinion, the BEST coaster at kings Dominion is the one and only “VOLCANO”. For those who have not been to Kings Dominion i’ll explain this great ride. You walk up to it and in front of you is a massive volcano with all the fire and effects you can think of for a volcano. you maze through what looks like a base camp at the foot of the volcano as you wait in line. the closer you get to the center of the volcano the more rumbling and steam you hear. eventually, you get to the point while waiting in line when you hear rumbling and then screams. Once you get to the end of the line your in the belly of the beast. you get in to the seat which is a hanging coaster and they strap you in. once your good to go the ride starts moving you slowly to a cave in the volcano. In a split second you go from a crawling pace to an instant 73 mph and you shoot through the insides of the volcano and shoot out the top. you make a series of barrel rolls and loops and in a little over a minute the ride is done. In one minute you went from 0-73mph shot up 155ft, dropped 80 ft and endured 2.4 G’s. Sounds crazy fun right? well let me assure you, it is wonderful. That is why the volcano is the best coaster at Paramounts kings Dominion.
If you would like to see the specs for this ride and some awesome pictures check out the link below:


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