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The REAL World….. McCain and Obama

Posted by arielramon on August 21, 2008

So last night i was at work and watching CNN. I dont know how many of you all saw it but they had a two hour special or so on the life stories of McCain and Obama. Of course, McCains story had a whole lot of drama, even more so than Obama. They Explained why he cant lift his arms up past his shoulders and talked about some of the scandles he got himself into. I never knew that he had cheated on his wife numerous times. I guess i couldnt really blame him considering what his old wife used to look like. Also, this younger chick he is with was a baller! For those older people out there a baller is a high roller type of person lol. anyways, not to slow the bus down or anything but i had to make sure people know what i mean when i throw out young people talk. so anyways here is this Navy POW and he was a rebel. Then after that Obamas story came out and it was funny because while he was still in high school and college McCain was already well into his political career. The People at CNN reported that there was like a 25 yr age gap between the two guys. Talk about a difference in views. Barrack is even younger than my parents! After watching the two Bios i sat back and said to myself…” Wow, we have a old, cheating, ex POW ( which i think though he is a patriot him being a POW shouldnt be the only reason why someone votes for him) and we have a young cat with barely any kind of foreign policy or experience with military affairs. In my VERY humble Opinion i think we are in for another 4 years of uncertainty and instability.


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