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What makes people do others dirty?

Posted by arielramon on January 30, 2010

So, why do people think it is ok to do others wrong? I for one believe that God has a way of dishing out dirt to those of us that do like to do things like cheat on a spouse or steal money or whatever. It may not be right away but somewhere down the line it will happen. I’ll give you an example, I was dating a girl for a couple years and she cheated on  me. I was upset of course but guess what happened….she got pregnant and married a guy based off of that reason. Is she happy? maybe? but she was only 21 when it happened. That means her whole life no revolves around that kid.  Yes, kids are a gift from God but Im sure she was hoping to be a little older to have kids. Now, I get phone calls from her telling me how she cant bond with her husband like she did with me. I think that people that cheat are weak and pathetic! Have you ever been cheated on before? How did you handle it? Or are you the cheater? tell us why you cheated and see if you can truely justify it.


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Tough times

Posted by arielramon on October 6, 2008

wow a lot has happened since i last posted a blog. My fiance and i split up, i moved to Lynn haven, FL and now im looking for work. life is hard at times but hey life goes on. i dont have much time to write but i thought i would post something so you all know im still alive. TTYL!

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Is she REALLY the ONE!?

Posted by arielramon on August 16, 2008

Alright guys, let’s face it, we have no clue if the women we date are truly the one. Many guys ask all kinds of “ LOVE GURUs” that famous question “ Is she the one” with no REAL answer. We get the normal top ten lists or sometimes we don’t even get a list. Sometimes we get the “ if she is the one, you will just know”. Now what kind of real advise is that? that is as helpful as asking a dyslexic to edit your senior thesis. I came up with my own personal top five list of how to know if that sexy woman your with is worth your time or if it is time to dump her.

Numero UNO: If her idea of spending time and bonding consists of playing “Rock Band” all night then you have a keeper.

Two: If she buys you gifts, then she is a keeper for sure!

Three: If she calls you in the middle of the night just to hear your voice………..well… I hate to tell you this but you probably have a psycho on your hands because what sane person would call you in the middle of the night to hear your voice? That’s Creepy to me.

Ok ok here is the REAL number three: If she asks you that very dangerous question “ Do I look fat in this?” and you can be honest and tell her “ yeah kind of” without her getting mad. Well, you my friend have a keeper.

Four: if she doesnt mind picking up your underwear skid stains and all, then you have a keeper.

And finally number Five: If you can make it past the last four of this list and you said yes to it all then man, you make me jealous! KEEP HER AROUND FOR GOOD!

Now, if you guys have any others you think should be on the top five hit me up with some comments~

Hope you all have a great day!

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